17 February 2013

Le Comptoir

There was a blizzard last weekend. It was cold, snowy, windy and icy. They named that blizzard Nemo. It doesn't sound very frosty for a blizzard... more like a tropical kind of blizzard... nevertheless, I braved the cold and went to one of my favourite restaurant in Montreal: Le Comptoir.

This little restaurant serves the freshest produce that have been dressed to the nines. Every item is intricately plated, and there are no starters or mains here, just medium sized plates that are best shared so you can taste more of the amazing menu that changes quite often.

We started with a prawn ceviche and lardon ravioli. Sooo tasty, oh my god, I'm still thinking about how good this was: yum.

Then we had a lobster tart with buttery onions. De-li-cious.

Then braised octopus in white wine, with crispy chorizo bits served on baby potatoe slice. I love octopus when it is cooked and prepared properly like this. Not chewy at all, very soft and tender.

And blood pudding pain perdu with sour apple sauce. Not my favourite, but still quite good.

We finished with this zesty fresh dessert: pineapple with white chocolate mousse rolled in coconut. Superb ending.

Le Comptoir has been opened for more than 2 years now, but you still need to book ahead to get a table, which makes it an even more special experience. Bring a friend and go enjoy some amazing grub if you are ever in town.

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