7 December 2013

Poaching Fish

Now I'm not talking about going fishing illegally into some random lake here. But about a different way of cooking the said fish! A fish acquired at your local fishmonger. Legally. Whatever fish tickles your fancy. For me it was salmon this time, as I am trying to load up on healthy omegas to help me through this cold weather.

Poaching fish sounds scary for some people. But I think it is actually quite a sofishticated way of cooking it. See what I did there? Oh lord.

The main thing to remember when poaching is to be gentle. It is all about submerging the fish into a simmering liquid, not a crazy bubbling lava. This will ensure the fish remains moist and does not get all dried up. Also the flavouring of the liquid used to poach. Important.

I made a little broth with:

a handful of chopped leeks (I keep mine in the freezer, so handy)
big old pinch of sea salt
3-4 whole peppercorns

Put all of the above into a big saucepan and cover with lots of water. You want to fish to be submerged, not poking out of the liquid. Then bring to a slow simmer and then pop your fish in for about 5 minutes depending on how big your piece of fish. I had two smallish fillet (about 7 oz each).

I also made some pea puree for 2 with:

1 tablespoon of butter
1 shallot finely diced
2 cups of frozen peas
250 ml of veggie stock (I use Bouillon)
125 ml of white wine (you can substitute for same amount of stock if you don't want to use wine)
1/4 cup single cream
salt and pepper to taste

Melt the butter in a pan and fry gently the shallot for 2 minutes or so. Add the peas, the stock and the wine and bring to a high boil and leave until the liquid has all but evaporated. Remove from the heart, add the cream and the seasoning and blitz with an immersion blender to a coarse sort of puree consistency (you don't want it soupy).

Transfer to a plate. Place fish on top. Add some herbs and lemon zest if you wish. And dig in!

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