24 January 2014

{Comforting} Cranberry Sauce, Honey and Brie Grilled Cheese

Oh sweet baby. Life can give you a bit of a slap in the face sometimes, doesn't it? A dose of reality we like to call it. Not going into too much detail here but sometimes, you get lost in between that person you really aspire to be, and who you truly are. It's like a personality vortex. And it can be a consuming experience, as well as a confusing one. But you can't help it. Wouldn't life be that much better if you were more confident like that colleague of yours/owned those awesome new trainers that hipster on Instagram keeps sporting/booked that holiday you can't afford/dated that guy who really-is-a-moron-but-it's-better-than-being-alone-surely? Wouldn't you feel more complete? Wouldn't you just be happier?

But then life serves you a serving of the good ol' humble pie. Ground control to Major Tom style.

I like it when life does that. It says: you are just you. Enjoy it. Stop pretending. Be you. Be true. And have a sandwich.

Well ok, life doesn't tell you to have a sandwich, but I do. The humble grilled cheese sandwich nonetheless. A sandwich for one. A sandwich to tone things down a little. To help you reflect on things while you slice that bread, think about which cheese you are going to melt in that bad boy, and then buttering those slices of bread and smelling all that gooey-buttery goodness sizzle in the pan. Does that sound good?

Make a grilled cheese sandwich that will bring you back to what is important in life, feed your mind with good thoughts. Melted cheese will do that to you, I promise.

I made mine with two thick slices of no-fuss bread, some leftover cranberry sauce, a drizzle of honey and some Cornish brie (at room temp).

Stack it up. Butter it up. Put on a heated pan. Wait 3 minutes. Flip over. Wait another 3 minutes. Slice and eat.

Simple, no need to think about what you're making. It's all about feeding your soul. And then go back to believing that life is a pretty little thing. She really is.