20 January 2014

Easiest Caramel Sauce

I know, I know, January is all about being healthy. We all make lists of things like Eat more green food and Eat less sugar and Exercise more.

I used to do this too. Guilty as charged.

But this year, I realised that it is no fun setting myself high, unattainable targets and then giving up on them only a couple of weeks down the line.

One thing I really want is to generally be more healthy. I mean, I turned 30 last summer and let's just say, I don't spring back as quickly as I used to. Losing a bit of weight seems a tad harder and those morning-after are oh so more difficult, just to name a few. So this year, I decided to embrace a new ratio in my lifestyle. The 70-30. I'll be good 70 percent of the time. And then there will be the other 30 percent dedicated to naughtiness.

It's all about getting to know myself a little bit better, i.e. knowing that cutting sugar out of my diet completely is something I can't sustain long term (why did I ever thought this possible??)

That being said, here is the easiest sugary little recipe ever know to men kind. Definitely in the 30 percent naughty bracket.

It requires one can of sweetened condensed milk. That is the only ingredient.

And for equipment: a crockpot. Or a slow-cooker, depending on which part of the world you are from.

My dad's family used to make caramel like this, but on the stove-top. I have heard this is very unsafe… so here enters this slow-cooked method.

To make it you will need:

1 can of condensed milk, transferred into a glass jar with a lid on (I made 2 jars! So used 2 cans.)

Then pop your jar in your crockpot (slow-cooker) and pour some water so it reaches the milk level in the jar. Cover with the crockpot lid, put on low and let cook for 8 to 10 hours.

My jars were a bit too tall for my crockpot, but fear-not if this is your case too! I covered my crockpot with a layer of foil and a tea towel and then put my crockpot lid on (askew). All this to prevent that too much water evaporates away.

Keep an eye on it, making sure the water level is not getting any lower. Add more water if needed.

This caramel, on some toast in the morning (with bananas on top, just an idea), on some ice cream, on fruits, on a spoon…

Genius idea: pimping the flavour of your caramel sauce. Yes! In one of my jars, I put a teaspoon of sea salt to make a salted caramel. I left the other plain, but I am thinking a tablespoon of brandy could possibly be a wise idea too... or some good quality vanilla extract... until next time.

Have you ever made caramel this way?


  1. Yum, I love dulce de leche and this method seems a bit like canning, does it keep for long? well assuming you don't eat it ;)

    1. Well Carnation say to keep it from 48 hrs and up to 5 days, in the fridge. Although mine was gone in less than 24 hours… baked it into brownies! Utter decadence.