18 January 2014

The Weekly Round up #02

This week I didn't have much time to cook, or blog for that matter. But I bought tulips. Pink tulips. Spring is coming, right?

The Week in LRB Posts: Nutty Smoothie

Foodie Outing of the Week: The rain was pouring on and off in London this week. One minute it is all sunny, the next there is a deluge. I took refuge in Gail's Bakery in Soho on one of those occasion, and ended up staying way after the rain had stopped, with for company a blueberry and apricot scone and a good old cup a joe.

Product of the Week: Cauliflower. Can't get enough of it. Either as an alternative to rice as demonstrated by Rosie from The Londoner, or in a delicious creamy sauce by Pinch of Yum. I told my mum on Skype of my love for it. She was dumfounded... "You hate cauliflower!" Well yes, I do. Or I did. All part of growing up! I mean I still hate it when just boiled and put on a plate. You gotta dress it up a bit...

Foddie Blog of the Week: Beautiful photography on the Call Me Cupcake blog of sweet food. I love the dark background and simple colours. Very scandinavian. And looks all very delicious too.

Must-Watch Read of the Week: I am rediscovering the Honestly Healthy book I purchase last spring about eating the alkaline way. I have been feeling a bit sluggish this week, so will be cooking lost or recipes from the book in the coming weeks to get back on track and help with my digestive system and energy levels. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to make healthy changes to their lifestyle that make sense.

Added to the Wish-List this Week: Steak. I haven't eaten a decent steak in aaaages. And considering I have a Le Creuset skillet, I should really just get to it already.