26 January 2014

The Weekly Round-up #03

Busy week! And I even had the time to do my certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene for some 2014 baking goals… let's see how that pans out in the next month or so!

The Week in LRB Posts: Easiest Caramel Sauce // Cranberry. Honey and Brie Grilled Cheese

Foodie Outing of the Week: I went to the Brunel Museum last weekend, for a Wassail event they were holding. Wassail is a traditional ceremony in the South West and South East of England were you sing and drink the health of the trees in hoping they will bring a good harvest next year. I couldn't stay long as I was meeting some friends for dinner, but it was a delight to see the community come together. I drank a very strong mulled cider with rum mixed by the plant-based cocktail maker Lottie Muir from the Midnight Apothecary and had a chat (or disturbed!) the lovely Julie Friend, BBC Masterchef winner, who catered the event. I love small, organic events like these.

Product of the Week: Spelt flour. I have been trialing some bread recipes made with spelt flour this week. Definitely more dense, but much more nutty in taste. Delicious with some almond butter, or some mushed avocado on top. Yum, but healthy.

Foddie Blog of the Week: I have been a little self obsessed this week, and given my blog a little makeover. Nothing too drastic. Just added the Instagram on the sidebar as well, and I like it! I am working on a conversion tool as well, to make switching from a US cups/Fahrenheit to weight/Celsius more convenient when following a recipe. Bit more complex than I thought but I want it to be visually easy and quick, so it might take me longer than expected!

Must-Watch of the Week: New series addiction: Hostages on Channel 4. I think the husband and I are now watching 5 various TV series simultaneously. We can't help ourselves, so much good stuff lately.

Added to the Wish-List this Week: An ice cream maker! In January you say? Well yes, I am weird like that. But I want to make lovely homemade ice creams and sorbets with no nasties in it. Don't think I will be able to afford one for a while, but here's to hoping…

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