23 February 2014

The Weekly Round-up #07

I am writing this post whilst taking care of the husband and his massive hangover. Tea duty, toasts making, binge-watching House of Cards. Handing him sunglasses is the only thing I haven't done...

Granola from Honestly Healthy.

The Week in LRB Posts: Mini Walnut Cakes with Beurre Noisette & Espresso Buttercream

Foodie Outing of the Week: My local Tesco's. Wild I know.

Product of the Week: Croissants for breakfast on the weekends. A well established ritual in the H's household. All butter, no-nasties but sadly NOT the homemade kind. I am definitely not there yet.

Foddie Blog of the Week: Sally's Baking Addiction. Is there something this girl hasn't baked? I seriously don't think so. I made her chewy chocolate chip cookies (with milk chocolate and bits of Rolo stuffed in for good measure) this week and the hubs boldly declared that they are in his top 10 recipes I have ever made. Big statement. Looking forward to her book coming out soon!

Must-Watch Read of the Week: I ordered the Whole-Grain Mornings recipe book from Amazon and only received it yesterday, but already I am full of new breakfast recipe ideas. Can't wait to have more time to look properly into it next week. Beautiful little book, encouraging you to cook according to the seasons and put breakfast at the centre of your day.

Added to the Wish-List this Week: Last minute shopping on Asos for our holiday to South Africa next week is taking place right now. So much excitement!

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