1 February 2014

The Weekly Roundup #04

One thing I love about living in the UK is being able to buy local and fresh fruit and veg in January. Let's talk leek and rhubarb people. Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas Canada anymore.

Vinyl shopping + Coffee

The Week in LRB Posts: Sea Salt Caramel Brownies

Foodie Outing of the Week: A trip to Borough Market is the only foodie thing I had time to do this week. Bought loads of lovely things despite it being so busy that I had to elbow my way through. I bought smoked garlic. 'Tis da bomb giggidy.

Product of the Week: Coffee. The end.

Foddie Blog of the Week: I have been crushing all over the faux Martha blog. Big time crush. I love the white, simple and clean photographs. The emphasis is on the food, the end product. No faffing about with endless props. Plus she is a new mum and she still blogs. Wowzer.

Must-Watch Read of the Week: Books are essential to distract me from this abysmal weather at the moment. As is a glass of red. And I have been geeking out on The Rivers of London book series this week whilst enjoying my favourite tipple.

Added to the Wish-List this Week: Stationary and me go a long way back, so not surprise the Martha Stewart stationary at Staples made it to my wish-list. Might have sneaked a little online order so technically not on my wish-list anymore. Woopsy daisy.

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