14 May 2014

Homemade Mayo

Well it seems the last time I visited these parts was a long time ago! You see, since going gluten-free like I explained in my last post, I though I would be full of energy, I would feel less like a bloated balloon and generally, I would just feel better. I thought I would be full of creativity and find my mojo in a gluten-free kitchen. Well, wrong. I was still sluggish, my skin was acting out and I felt just blah.

I was utterly uninspired. So I ate chocolate to compensate, ya know.

Then, in a moment of Instagram stalking, I found lots of people in the States doing a Whole30 'challenge'. Which is basically 30 days where you don't eat any sugar, grains, dairy and legumes and you don't drink any alcohol or fruit juice or nasty fizzy drinks. No paleo treats allowed too. It detoxify your body and you can find out which food triggers bad reaction to your body and gut once you reintroduce them (or not). And it also helps you find reasons why you overeat, or best of all why you tell yourself "I deserve to eat this cookie/drink this cocktail/buy this moka latte with whipped cream. I've had such a bad day/I am so bored/I will work it out anyway."

To be honest, all of my friends and even my husband are a little dubious of this programme. Calling it a diet. But I am on day 16 now, and I feel tremendous. And I can tell you it is no diet because I eat lots of good healthy food. I even created a new Instagram account to document all my healthy meals. Go have a look if you want @littlehealthbook .

Now this explains my blogging hiatus because well, you see I blog about cake and caramel sauce and grilled cheese. But I can still post some recipes that are Whole30/paleo compliant BUT can be made and enjoyed by anyone, which is basically what homemade mayo is all about.

My mum makes it all the time. She never buys a jar of mayo. She pimps it up with garlic, or spicy pepper or lemon, even tarragon. It is super versatile, and if you own an immersion blender (or stick blender) can be made in 30 seconds, pronto. Really. It's that easy! It requires a bit more faff doing by hand or in a blender/food processor. So I highly recommend getting an immersion blender, they are super cheap as well, plus they make blending a soup so easy and make less washing up afterwards! So this recipe is for immersion blender. If you don't have one, look the other way, or lookup another recipe, there are plenty out there.

Now making homemade mayo is made easy by having all your ingredients at room temperature. So before you want to make it, get your egg outta the fridge and lemon too. Leave them on the counter for  about 4 hours.

Also, my mum's recipe only uses the egg yolk. But I think it is a waste and I always end up throwing the remaining egg white away as I forget about them. I use the whole egg, and I think it makes a fluffier mayo. More up my street as well.

As for the oil, I leave that up to you. Using extra virgin olive oil will make a really bold flavour mayo, if not a little bitter. Might be best to use a light coloured and light tasting olive oil, it will go with more dishes that way. I personally love to use avocado oil. It's a little pricy but damn good. Or I mix a nut oil with a light olive oil. It's a question of taste.

Alright enough talking, let's get down to it!


will make about 300 ml

1 large egg at room temp
2 tbsp lemon juice at room temp
250 ml oil
big pinch of salt

Put all the ingredient into a a narrow mixing container (use the one that comes with the hand blender, perfect). Then put your hand blender at the bottom and mix 10 seconds, then move the stick blender up to make sure all the oil has been incorporated.

That's it! Transfer the mayo to a container to be kept in the fridge. The mayo will keep the same as the date on your egg, so keep an eye out for that.

This mayo is so good in a plain old chicken salad. Or egg salad. On top of a burger. In a potato salad. Anything. If you add lots of herbs it can even become a dip for your crudités. It is super versatile and I tell you once you have made mayo, you will never want to buy a jar of the stuff again.

Add a finely mince garlic clove and you've got aioli. Add chipotle paste and you have spicy mayo. Add finely mince tarragon and you have a Bearnaise kind of sauce. Add more lemon, or a little apple cider vinegar and your mayo will be more tangy. You will soon discover what you like.

Now if you'll excuse me, I will go have my lunch with a big dollop of mayo.

If you want more details on Whole30, I suggest you read It Starts With Food or just go have a look at their website. To me, it is like I pressed the re-start button and I can already see my relationship with food starting to change.

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