3 July 2014

July Playlist

Music is a big part of my husband's life. He loves discovering new bands, and old ones. He has an impressive number of records which he keeps jealously stashed in his office. He was one of the first one to sign up to Spotify and has so many playlists on it it's a little scary. He's also started to play guitar and strums away happily. Our Sundays are often filled with music streamed through his Sonos system, newspaper in hand, sipping coffees. Like two old souls together.

I love his musical side. And I have to say I often rely on him to make me playlists he thinks I would like. I can be lazy like that.

So I thought I would make an effort and put a playlist together, and the result is this July Playlist. In no particular order. Tunes that I am really liking (I was going to write diggin' - cringe) at the moment. I had trouble picking only one song of Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence album, but Florida Kilos is the one I listen to the most, although Brooklyn Baby is pretty awesome too.

Hope you enjoy my little medley!

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