29 October 2014

Bathroom Mood Board.

This is my perfect bathroom. A bath on feet, hello! Lots of natural light. And those vintage mirrors, the more the merrier. Love.

Bit of a different post today: a bathroom mood board. It is all down to my love of Pinterest. I can spend hours upon hours there, stalking beautiful interiors, admiring the details and generally just droolling over expensive furniture.

And now, well I can start looking with a purpose in mind, whoop! You see, we used to live with my sister-in-law, but she recently moved out *sad face*. But it means we now have a guest bedroom AND a guest bathroom *jazz hands*.  Such a luxury for us Londoners. The bedroom will remain the same for the time being. But I'm firstly focusing on the bathroom. It's a small shower room, and because we do not own the flat, the amount of work we can do to it is limited. Purely decorative really.

So I have been scouring the net, looking for inspiration at what we could do to 'upgrade' our guest bathroom a little, and I decided to create a mood board here. Basically I like the colour mint, wire metal baskets, ladders that serve as shelves and trays to display pretty things.

How about that for a clever way to store towel. Plus can we take a moment to admire the tiles from the picture on the right. Swoon.

I love trays used to display pretty things like candles, perfume and hand cream. Plus flowers! It also gives guest a place to put their jewellery when washing their hands. It's a nice little touch which doesn't take much place at all.

Finally, I love the use of wire basket to store either towel or toilet paper. And mint coloured towels just add a little something to an otherwise all white decor.

Where do you find interior inspiration for your home?

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