22 October 2014

mini kitchen first aid kit

I did a food safety course last year, and since then, I have been keeping a mini first aid kit in my kitchen. Nothing fancy! I don't run a catering kitchen, so if I hurt myself badly, it's not like I need to carry on, I can actually leave my 'shift' and take a break or go to the emergency room. So I only keep a few items in it.

One, blue plasters. Why blue you ask? Blue bandages comply with food hygiene regulations, but that is not why I bought me some blue plasters. I bought them because you would notice a blue plaster floating in your soup, compared to a flesh coloured one. And they are truly waterproof too.

Two, antiseptic wipes. These individual wound cleansing wipes will make sure that if I cut myself whilst handling let's say, chicken, I will get all the nasty bacteria cleaned up before I can continue working.

I keep those two items in a little Muji box, tucked away in one of my kitchen drawer.

Do you keep a little kit in case of emergency in your kitchen?

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