3 December 2014

Mise en place

My mum first tought me about mise en place when I was a young teen trying to bake and realising I only had about half the ingredients listed in the recipe I wanted to make. Boo. Learning about patience and measuring all your stuff before even starting to mix and bake and decorate. I wasn't impressed, but it proved essential, and I have been doing it ever since like the good girl that I am.

Do you know about mise en place? It's French for 'putting in place'. A clever idea to set up all your ingredients, all measured up, before you start working your magic to make food preparation easier.

Now, not only will it ensure that you have no ingredient shortage before your start rustling up that crispy crumble, it won't make a fool of you when the time comes to add that melted butter in a steady slow stream whilst beating furiously those egg yolks over a bain-marie (says you with a hard brick of butter in hand and looking at those yolks that are quickly staring to look like scramble eggs).

I like to extend my mise en place not only to ingredients, but to the equipment I will be using as well. Just to ensure I will not be halfway through mixing a delicious chocolate mousse cake and realise I lent my hand mixer to a friend (been there, done that).

Do you use mise en place for your recipes?

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  1. Wow, you are such a good baker/chef! I never use mise en place and it has lead to so many 'making do' experiments. I grant you that it is reckless and wasteful when things go wrong but occasionally something goes amazingly right, so it's swings and round-abouts! Love the post though, your Mum sounds very smart.