7 January 2015

Duvet Day.

I've find myself dreaming of a duvet day this week. Big fluffy duvet wrapped around me, comfy pj's on, cashmere socks (I'm really dreaming now!) and a nice cup of tea. Perhaps reading a book (I'm currently reading this book- which is totally gripping) or gorging on my latest tv series obsession (The Killing, if you're asking). Only daring to get out of my warm little abode to sneak into the kitchen to make another cuppa or maybe bake a few chocolate chip cookies (always whilst wearing a blanket - cape style of course). That sounds sooo good right now. I even built myself a Pinterest board... If I can't live a duvet day in real life, I can at least look at pretty images that make me dream about one. Only fair right?

Blanket Fort. Not just for children...
Cozy and snug as a bug in a rug.
Duvet days.

Fairy lights all year round.

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