2 January 2015

In With The New.

It's the new year! Will you be adhering to the new year, new me concept? I do like this time of year as it allows everyone to put their life into perspective and set some new goals, big and small. Although I personnaly do that on a monthly basis already anyway. Still, 2015! I wish everyone a happy, fulfilling one!

I, like many, will resume the healthy eating thing I used to do before December rolled around, aka no chocolate at 10 am thank you very much. I will also bring my butt to the gym. Though mainly this year I want to work on being more positive, and not beating myself up over small things. Oh and also, I'd like to watch less YouTube video (please, I want my life back).

During the holidays I've been writing recipes I want to try out for the blog in the next few months and I'm excited! Hopefully some will turn out ok and I will be able to share them here. I've got a few soup recipes up my sleeves I'd like to share here too if that's ok. I've written four soup recipes in 2014 here, here, here and here. But a few more won't hurt right?

Oh I also want to say thank you to anyone that's stopped in these parts this past year. Thumb's up.

I've received plenty of cookbooks over Christmas, so you will find me in my natural habitat, yes you guessed it, the kitchen, a lot in January. Hopefully we will get a few sunny days where I can photograph some food whilst standing on my kitchen table. YOLO. So whiteout further ado, happy new year to all and all that jazz. Peace out.


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