14 January 2015

Print mania.

The weather is absolutely horrible this week, so I spent some time on Pinterest, as you do, looking for inspiration to spruce up our front room. I think adding a few prints here and there will really helps to create a mood for our home. Some in frames, some with colourful washi tape to hang it on the wall. My husband loves music prints (we currently are the owners of far too many Led Zepplin, Dinosaur Jr and Pink Floyd artwork if you ask me). So I've rounded up my favourite pick which are currently sitting in my imaginal shopping basket (some might have already been purchased - oops).

The first print is a cactus print which is fitting cuz I looove cactus plants! It's available from Bodie and Fou which is a lovely and beautiful online boutique where I would like to buy everything. Stop me please. It's my favourite print of all! The second one is the watercolour '&' print from a little Etsy shop from Chloevaux. All her prints are adorable but I love the simplicity of this one. The third one is a mermaid print. Hello, every girl wants to be a mermaid, right? Or it is just me? It's from society6 Cat Coquillette boutique. Society6 is a US site which means customs charges for us UK gals -bummer. But I tell you, don't go on this site if you don't want to lose hours upon hours of browsing. The fourth print would be so pretty on a dressing table, no? I think it would be a nice saying to read when getting ready in the morning, like 'be kind - to all those morons on the tube gurl ok?' or something like that! It's from the Etsy shop Fine and Dandy Paperie. The fifth one is quite simple and can really be found anywhere I guess, or you can even make it yourself by buying some marble paper on eBay or something. I think it would look nice and simple in a black frame. White marble has been everywhere these past few years in interior decor, so owning a marble print is probably the cheapest way to invest in the trend! This print is available from society6 GRACE boutique (the wall clocks are amazing too, go have a look!). The last one is a geometric heart from the Etsy shop The Motivated Type. It is both simple and modern. I love this one. I love all of them really.

Where do you shop for art and prints?

Image source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

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