28 January 2015

Staying healthy in the colder months.

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Sometimes, when it's cold and horrible outside, aka winter, you want to hibernate under the covers and do a Netflix marathon.
Ain't nothing wrong with that. I love doing that! But I also like
 to balance out my hibernation with a few tricks to ensure I stay healthy and happy through the colder months.

I'm Canadian, so I'm quite though when it comes to cold weather. I'm the annoying one telling anyone who will listen "In Canada, we know how to deal with snow." Or the good ol' stories from the good ol' days "One time, when I was twelve, there was an ice storm and we lost electricity for 3 days and we all had to sleep in the front room by the fire and get our camping equipment out." (True story by the way.) But because of this, I can never complain that it's actually cold outside because everyone says "Well, aren't you Canadian?" Oops.

So here are my tips for staying healthy, happy and focused through the colder months.

1. Eat fresh + colourful

This one is simple but the most effective. If you eat bland, non-nutritious food, you are going to feel blah. Not just in winter mind you. Add some fresh veggies and fruit throughout your day. Eat good fats like coconut oil, avocado and nuts. Limit the amount of sugar you eat. Drink lots of water. And if you need food-spiration, check out the healthy food bloggers out there. There are so many but my favourites are Deliciously Ella, Sprouted Kitchen, Happy Yolks and Against All Grains.

2. Go Walkabout

It's not because it's snowing or raining that you should stay inside all the time. When it's cold, it's actually the best time to go explore your city as there are less people around and you can experience it in a different way. Especially in London, it gets so busy during the warmer months, it's nice to go out and not be squished with thousands of tourists. In the winter, I also like to don my wellies and go for amazing country walks. Getting some fresh air really helps lift my spirit. And the best bit about going out in the cold is coming home and making a warm cup of cocoa and cuddling up on the sofa under a cozy blanket.

3. Supplementing

People have different views on supplementing (like my dad who says I pay to have expensive wee). But I believe that supplements can make a difference not only to how you feel and look, but to your mood. Obviously I have done my research on supplements and I've talked to my GP about it, so I suggest you do the same before you start supplementing. Currently I take vitamin D (hugely important to me, if you want to read about vit d click here), Omega 3 (helps with my hormonal acne breakouts, calms my cravings for junk food and helps my brain stay focused), UbiQuinol (helps with my energy levels) and Magnesium (both in oral supplement form and flakes for my bath; as a muscle relaxant, it helps to relive stress and tension).

4. Ginger + Lemon + Honey

When you are feeling rundown, or coming up with the flu, there is nothing better than to settle down with a hot cup of this homemade Lemsip. Here is how I make this little remedy. In a small saucepan, heat some filtered water with a couple of slices of fresh ginger for around 5 minutes. Transfer to your favourite mug with some slices of lemon and a teaspoon of good quality manuka honey (I use this one, but there are loads out there). Give is a whirl and drink up buttercup.

5. Do more of what you love

If you are feeling low this winter, then do something that you know you love. Whatever it is, no matter how superficial or stupid it might sound, just do it to cheer yourself up. If you have a few £ or $ to spend, go buy yourself that lipstick you've been lusting over these last few months. If you need a cuddle, find a friend or a family member that will make you laugh and feel special again. If you need a cupcake, go buy (or make) yourself a damn cupcake (and bring some for your colleagues! Sharing the love is always great!). You shouldn't feel miserable, no matter the season. So find something that will make you smile!

I'd like to know what do you do to stay healthy and happy during the winter months? Let me know in the comments below!

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