25 February 2015

Fresh Mint Ice Cream with Mint Chocolate Waffle Nuggets

fresh mint chocolate chip waffle ice cream littlerosebook.co.uk

Oh my. This ice cream.

10 February 2015

Best Gluten-Free Pancakes w/ Pecan Pie Sauce

gluten-free pancakes pecan pie topping littlerosebook.co.uk

When I moved to England, I was a little surprised to hear that Brits only eat pancakes

5 February 2015

Travel wishlist: 2015

January is always the time when I get a case of wanderlust. I've been assembling my travel wishlist for the past month, and

2 February 2015

Chocolate Truffles with Coconut Cream and Sea Salt Pretzels

chocolate truffles coconut cream sea salt pretzel littlerosebook.co.uk

I'm a big lover of chocolate truffles. I think the reason I love them so much is because they are quite rich, so eating a couple of those creamy, dense chocolatey nuggets will do the trick. No need to finish the whole box.