5 February 2015

Travel wishlist: 2015

January is always the time when I get a case of wanderlust. I've been assembling my travel wishlist for the past month, and

I realised it was quite long and a little like the never-ending story. So here here is the shortened version. With the sleet coming down over London lately, this definitely puts a smile on my face...

01. Rome

I've never been to Italy and I really want to go. I want to eat gelato for breakfast, can I get a hell yeah. So I think starting with Rome to discover the country would be a good idea, no?

02. South Africa

I've said many times here that my in-laws moved from the UK to South Africa a few years back. We visited them last March (which I wrote about here) and it was truly magical. I really want to go back and do lots more stuff like go to an elephant sanctuary!

03. Bali

I'm not much of a beach-holiday person. But I love the sun and worship its rays. But I need a sunny destination with lots to do and Bali seems like it would offer a perfect balance for a relaxing break and a few adventures. Paradise on heart.

04. Road Trip Along the West Coast of America

I've always wanted to do a road trip, rent a convertible and just drive, so what better place to do this than the West Coast baby? Pack your bags and let's go! Lets sleep in little motels, dip our toes in the ocean and take off for two weeks.

05. Scandinavia

I went to Copenhagen and Stockholm when I finished Uni. I travelled with my friend Suzy (hi Suze!). We stayed in such a dodgy hostel in Copenhagen, mixed-dorm style. So many memories, too many to share here. All that to say I really want to go back 10 years on, and just experience Scandinavia a totally different way - one where my sole motivation is not to find where the cheapest beer is. I want to drive on ├śresund Bridge and pillage every clothing and design shop I see.

06. Istanbul

I have a few friends who spent a long weekend in Istanbul and I am totally jealous. I want to eat baklava until the cows come home. I also want to just experience a bit of Middle Eastern vibe and go to a hammam.

What is on your travel wishlist for 2015?

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  1. Lovley post. My wander lust is twitching!