7 August 2015

Like sand through the hourglass

It feels like coming back from the dead writing on here. Life has a way to... get in the way. To put it simply.

That's it for excuses.

So what, since March?! Well we (Matt and I) have had visitors from South Africa and Canada. We've travelled to Rome (gelato) and Brittany (butter). We've met some pretty amazing people along the way. We've had quite a few sunny and warm days in London. We've been drinking Pimms. All good stuff.

And now I've got itchy feet and I need to dust off my camera and take pictures of yummy food whilst standing on a chair, to my neighbours amusement.

This August, I am trying to avoid sugar and replace it with the natural stuff (fruit, maple syrup, coconut sugar) and get back on the gluten-free train. I've been feeling sluggish lately and I want to be just generally more healthy and feel better.

I'm looking forward to writing a few words here every week or so. Something creative to do. Get back to the blogging world!

See you soon! xx

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